Electra Jet

Wire Strut Straightening Tool

The coiled 3/16" wire main struts on your Electra do flex and absorb most normal landings without bending. If you have a worse than normal landing, especially on turf, always cycle the gear before the next flight.

If a main strut is bent aft such that it won't retract into the wheel well without interference, this simple tool will fix it quickly.

Remove the wheel from the axle.

Release the ball connector from the retract servo arm and position the strut at about 45°.

Insert the bolt head into the coil and flex the strut forward while having a good grip on the wing panel.

Install the wheel and check for clearance in the strut and wheel well openings.

Note: Positioning the strut at 45° directs the bending forces to the strong longitudinal members of the wing structure.

You can remove material from the strut and wheel opening in the cover plate to allow more tolerance for slight bends in the struts as long as the strut door sufficiently covers the opening in the retracted position.

The Strut Straightening Tool is made from a 1/2 x 3/4 x 9" long maple stick with a 1/4 x 20 x 5/8" long socket head bolt.  Radius the end to prevent damage to the cover plate.

You can make one yourself or BVM can supply a ready to use unit.

Strut Straightening Tool, PA-SR-0017, $13.95