Crow Programming for JR Video

Below are the 12x Datasafe files that we are currently flying.  Use these programs to help setup your model.  Remember to check all control throws and the direction of travel of all controls.  Also, due to variances in control rigging damage may occur to servos if binding occurs.  Be sure to check the flaps in the up position.

How to download:



Click on the desired link to download.  Add the suffix ".dat" to the file name as shown below.  Open the file using the software provided with your 12x transmitter.  




Electra: 12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_Electra 1 BVS_080519

Bandit ARF:12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_Bandit ARF BVM_080519

Bobcat Composite ARF:12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_Bobcat ARF BVM_080521

Ultra Bandit:12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_BVM Ultra Bandit_080521

MiG 15: 12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_Camo Mig-15_081105

Electric F-4: 12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_F-4 Electric_081031

F-86 - 80":12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_F-86 80_ Camo_081031

F-86 - 60" Turbine:12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_F86 60 TURBINE_081031

F-86 Sabre ARF Electric:12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_Sabre ARF Utah_081102

F-80 Electric:  12X_DataSafe_Files/ACRO_F-80 EVF_080521

 Windows Work Around For Vista64/Windows7 64 Systems

Submitted by Ron Osinski on Mon, 01/25/2010 - 12:31pm.

Basically the issue is that the JR Data Safe program does not have a “Registered Digital Driver Signature” to recognize the transmitters when connected to the USB port. BUT what you can do is create a work around and this should allow you to use your JR Data Safe systems with PC/Laptops running Vista/Vista64 and the new Windows7 64 OS systems. Outlined below is what I did to get the JR Data Safe that comes with the JR 12X to work with my HP Laptop. My laptop had Vista64 SP1 on board. I found that this procedure will allow the install and use of the Data Safe USB Driver and program. Farther below I outlined the Windows7 work around. I upgraded recently to W7 64 OS and found that I still had to do a similar work around for the install of the program and driver. BUT I did find that each time I want to use the Data Safe on W7 the laptop needs to be in the service mode to “Disable” the Digital Signature Enforcement for device drivers. It does not require a re-install of the program and driver once they are installed on W7. Just per use the system must be in the service menu. No big deal, just worth mentioning here.

Please note that I’ve had no issues at all but if you decide to perform this “work around” you do it at your own risk. I consider this to be a risk of 2 on a scale of 10. Not bad at all if you follow this simple outline. Good luck!

Here is an easy way to get the JR Data Safe to work with the Vista64 OS:

Make sure if you already did try and install the program and driver and it failed that you uninstall the program completely. The driver really don’t need uninstalled since it likely didn’t install at all based on this found issue. OR what I did was to do a system restore to a date/point in time prior to the first install attempt of this program. Personally I always do a restore point before I install a NEW program in case I need to go back if things don’t work as I’d like or if problems arise.

Next step – is rebooting the PC/Laptop. Upon the reboot start to tap - continually - the F8 key to get into advance boot option screen. It looks like a dos screen all black with white letters. You will see a choice near the bottom of this screen on the page that says "Disable Driver Signature Enforcement". Once you arrow down with the keyboard and click on that option the PC will boot up and NOT be checking for Driver Signatures. The rest of the boot up should be as normal that is what you see any time you start your PC/Laptop.

Lastly install the Data Safe program as you would…then go to the driver install procedure instructions. Make sure you chose the driver in the folder marked USBIOX64. The instructions in the PDF call out to use the other folder for VISTA but do not use that one. You need the 64 bit driver IF you have a 64 bit OS. This includes both Vista64 and the newer Windows7 64 bit OS. Then follow the instructions included with the program in the PDF file and finish the driver install. In my case ALL worked as shown in the instructions for the VISTA system at this point.

Really the only change is to disable the signature driver enforcement in the boot up…and to use the driver in the USBIOX64 folder included on the CD if your PC/Laptop is running Vista64 or W7 64. Follow the prompts and screens called out for driver install that are shown in the VISTA section in the PDF instructions on the CD.

UPON next reboot the PC will default back to checking for driver signatures. BUT it’s ok as the 12X data USB driver is already installed. Note this was ALL that needed to be done with Vista64. Each time I ran the JR Data Safe it worked from that point in the Vista64 OS.

Windows7 64 OS is just a little different. Follow the install outline for the JR Data Safe program and driver as I have listed above. The PC/Laptop needs to be in F8 service menu and have the “Digital Driver Enforcement” disabled to load the USB driver. The only difference is that in W7 the PC/Laptop needs to be into service mode and disable the driver enforcement per each use of the program. The program and driver only needs loaded once. But if you have it loaded and try and run the Data Safe program the USB driver will not be loaded and your TX will not be recognized. Simply re-boot your system and tap the F8 key to access the service menu. Disable the driver enforcement…and allow the system to boot up. The program will work and your TX will be seen.

I hope this helps. I’ve found this work around to be very consistent and NOT cause any issues with my laptop. It has not affected any other programs or devices that I use.


Ron Osinski
aka - GMRO