E.S.C. Recall


   It is still an on going process.  This is a good time to get your ESC HV-160 updated to the -2 version.  Please call BVM for an appointment to arrange an orderly return.  It takes about 2-3 weeks to get your EVF back to you.  See below.

  First see www.castlecreations.com

 Then refer back here to see how it affects BVM customers and how we will handle it.

  The following comments are based on the information that we have at this writing, 23 August 2011.

  BVM is unaware of any E.S.C. problems thus far in our EVF units in-the-field.  The hazardous problems that caused the E.S.C. recall have occurred primarily in helicopters, R/C cars, and boats utilizing the HV 120 units.  The high inertia forces of pitch changing large rotor blades and rapid acceleration of heavy R/C cars with big tires compared to a free wheeling fan rotor may explain why the problem has not occurred for BVM EVF with the HV 160.

Defective Part Isolated

  The problem seems to be with one component on the control board that the vendor changed without notifying Castle Creations.  From a manufacture's point of view, a defective component from a previously reliable vendor can be our worst nightmare, but it is a reality that we must all be able to deal with.

  With the exception of the early EVF 4010 and 5012 units that used an HV 110, all subsequent EVF's utilize the HV 140 (some 5612's) and HV 160 E.S.C.  All EVF ~2~ 10S, 12S, and EVF ~3~ 12S units utilize the HV 160.  Rapid throttle movement in the lower power range, such as throttle jockeying during taxi, puts the highest demand on the E.S.C. and that is part of the BVM test run on all of our units prior to shipment.  This may also explain why there has been no in-the-field problems with Electric VioFans.

  However, that doesn't necessarily mean it can't happen, so, based on our record of no problems, but taking seriously Castle's recommendation to return all HV 160 controllers, and realizing that the replacements will take time, BVM is going to take a balanced approach to operating our current 10 plane fleet of demonstration EVF jets.  We will continue to fly these models with the added safety precaution of wearing Nomex gloves and Safety goggles.
(see below)

  Keep in mind that our 10 EVF jets collectively have over 200 flights on them in the past 12 months without a
single issue.

  As of 22 August 2011, BVM began returning new in-the-box HV 160 units to Castle such that all new EVF units from this day forward will ship with the ICE 2 HV 160 E.S.C. and be clearly labeled as such.

Return Policy

  As time allows, all of your EVF units that utilize the HV 160 controllers will be updated at no cost to you except one way shipping to BVM.  Business time to process, disassemble, change out the component, reassemble, test run, repackage, and ship out again, represents 2 hours of labor per unit.  Please understand that hundreds of units will take time to process.

  So, with the above information and the service advisory 2011-03 from Castle, it is your option to continue to use your EVF using the safety precautions mentioned above, or return it for the ICE 2 HV upgrade.

Castle Creations
E.S.C. Recall

and replacement program
info as of 28 Sept 2011

  The replacement HV 160 Lite - 2 E.S.C.'s have now started to arrive at BVM.  Know that we attended E-Jets International a few weeks ago and that hundreds of flights on BVM EVF units were accomplished without a single power system problem.  So, the upgrade program can be conducted in an orderly fashion without panic.

Do Not send your EVF to BVM without following the below procedures.

  The orderly process must be as follows to allow Castle and BVM to properly serve all of our customers.  Some customers have sent units in prior to this notice.  We can begin to accept more EVF's for this upgrade starting 17 October 2011.  BVM can handle 6 units per week.  You can call BVM (407) 327-6333 to confirm the date that we can accept your unit.  Allow about 2 weeks for the upgrade, test run, and return shipment to you.
  There are hundreds of customers to be serviced so, your patience will be appreciated.

Bob Violett

Nomex Glove Source:  http://www.botachtactical.com/hatnomfliggl.html