Skymaster Cougar & Panther
Success Packs and Instructions
by BVM

  Our many years of experience in the R/C jet business and our constant improvements in our skills and modern shop capabilities allows BVM to enhance and improve some features of Skymaster scale ARF jets.  So far, we have enhancement parts and instructions for the Skymaster L-39 Albatros, F-16 1:6 scale, the 1:4.75 scale Hawk, F-80, and now the Cougar and Panther (*).
  These enhancement kits include some BVM accessories like, Hi Flow Retract Valves, Fill Valves, Smooth Stop II, etc., laser and router cut Carbon Fiber and plywood parts for strength and convenience. What is most challenging to us and important to you is that we create extensive assembly and operation manuals that greatly enhances your success with these models.  This BVM effort is backed up by our extensive in-the-field testing of the end product.  We actually fly what we produce and that's the fun part for us.
  This latest effort with the Cougar is working perfectly for BVM.  I have flown it myself and it is a great airplane.  Dustin will fly it at Top Gun 2012.

Franco Dal Bon was the first to use these parts and instructions for building a Cougar for Jack Diaz.  Franco commented that this package was very important and helpful in getting Jack's airplane ready to fly.

* Most of the Cougar enhancement kit parts and instructions are applicable to the Panther. 


Fuel System Group
part # PA-SR-6040



RC Equipment & Air Install Group
part # PA-SR-6038

Main Landing Gear Mount Enhancement Group
with 8 Carbon Fiber Plates
part # PA-SR-6039

Control Surface Install & Linkage 
part # PA-SR-6036

Engine & Tailpipe Mount Group
part # PA-SR-6041

For No Bypass Install


Wheel Doors Group
part # PA-SR-6037


  Total $841.50

Engine Installation Addendum
Jet Central "Rhino" Engine Installation Addendum
Rudder Linkage Addendum
Fuel System Addendum