These attractive paint schemes are best seen by purchasing the appropriate listed publications. Many times there are other photos of the aircraft in the books that you can use for further documentation.

If you are new to scale jets, you should be aware that these publications come and go. They are not always in print and available.

Experienced scale modelers keep a library of their favorite airplane books. Some might pay $50.00 for a book just to get one photo they must have.

Many of the schemes shown have already been documented by Pro-Mark and so the artwork exists. This means that you can get a complete set of epoxy-ink rub-on transfers at a reasonable price. Contact Pro-Mark at 618-524-2440

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The paint schemes below are from Squadron Signal Publications #1126 -F-86 Sabre in Action.

The paint scheme below is from Squadron Signal Publications #6502 - "Fighting Colors" F-86 Sabre in Color.

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