BVM welcomes Nick Smith to our
prestigious team of field reps.

Nick's R/C experience encompasses slope soaring, pattern flying, helicopters and most recently BVM Jets. Here is Nick in his own words:

It was my interest in model aircraft, that took me into aviation as a career, initially as an aircraft maintenance engineer, and then as a pilot. I currently fly the Airbus A340 for Virgin Atlantic Airways.
When I'm not at work, I enjoy model jet flying, and regularly attend the UK Jet meetings and indeed some of the Jet Rallies in the USA - taking with me my BVM Bandit in a Jet Case. Flying a model jet is a model flying experience like no other, and it's thanks to David Gladwin that I got my first taste of model turbine flying (he introduced me to model turbine flying a few years ago, allowing me to fly one of his JPX powered models)…. since then jets have dominated my model flying activities; it's so rewarding to be able build, fly and maintain, your own model jet!
Model performance is superb, and in my opinion, to operate and fly a model jet well, requires quite a structured approach (or what I call the whole package), very similar to that of full size; that's what makes them so rewarding to fly.
Anyone who has owned a BVM Jet will know what I mean when I talk of the 'whole package'. I now feel honored to be invited to join the list of BVM Reps, so, if I can help you enjoy success in this sport/hobby, then please feel free to contact me or catch me at a Jet meet.

Cheers for now,
Nick Smith

You can email Nick at