Bobcat Day
at R.C.A.C.F.

28 Oct 09

by: Bob Violett

Dustin, Chris, B.V., and Harley

   If our work schedule allows, we like to break away a few hours early on Wednesdays for some pilot proficiency training.  The Bobcat was our jet of choice on this occasion marking the beginning of our preferred flying season.  The Bobcat with "Crow" configuration set up in the JR 12X makes a most stable and easy to control model in the landing pattern.  With the "Pilot Link" advantage, young Chris Keene got some training from the L.S.O. (Landing Signal Officer) and made his first full stop, on the center line, landing.

Dustin and I practiced a few formation routines.  The Bobcats are excellent candidates for this.
A little fine tuning between flights provides a perfectly trimmed model.  Don't forget to balance the wing panels, more than one ounce variance should be corrected.

Power Plants

Dustin's Red/White has an early P-120 (turned down a bit)

B.V.'s Navy Trainer seems perfect with a JetCat P-80SE

Harley's early Bobcat XL was more than adequate with a P-70

12X Control Set-up
see Bobcat Composite addendums

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