From: Jacobo Sevilla
Sent: Sunday, May 9, 2021 12:55 PM
To: Patty Generali
Subject: Saying Hola from Mexico

Dear Patty,

This photo of my wonderful F-16.  I got from you over 10 years ago and it has been giving me great times as a Pilot and Fighter lover.

Thanks for all your support and for been there all the time.


Warmest regards,
Jacobo Sevilla



From: Dave Evans
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2014 2:30 PM
Subject: Old BVM F-16

BVM Team,

Ive attached a few pics of an Old BVM F-16 that recently got a makeover for your enjoyment.

I bought the airplane second hand as an ICDF and flew it a bit on that, but then converted it to EDF on 12S and flew it a few times.  After an apparent FOD incident on that power system that destroyed the intake, I decided to convert it to turbine using the BVM turbine conversion kit.  I originally borrowed an EvoJet 90 that fit well and provided great power, but since it was borrowed and discontinued, I decided to pull the turbine before something happened to it!  Its now got a Wren 54SS which is just about perfect for it; lots of power and good on gas.

After all the work in converting it to turbine, it only seemed fitting to spruce up the outside as well, so I painted it to match the F-16 Im assigned in the 64 Aggressor squadron at Nellis AFB, Las Vegas NV.  I used Klasskote paint and Jerry Caudle did the transfers from a bunch of photos I sent.  I added panel lines to all the flying surfaces using Chart Pak tape and primer prior to the repaint and really like the effect.

I recently added a Demon Cortex gyro and am looking forward to seeing how that works.

Thanks to you guys for creating a product that is at least fifteen years old and still flies great and turns heads at the field!

Dave Evans


**Notice the name on the Canopy Rail of the real F-16.
                                                               Bob Violett

Luis Audomaro García Ceja of Mexico City finished his turbine F-16 in the Thunderbirds scheme and is using an AMT AT-180 for power. Luis's nine year old son Francisco is kneeling next to the model.

Gordon Dickens

Gordon Dickens modified his BVM F-16 to accept a JetCat P-80. His unique paint scheme is based on a rare Marines F-16.

Gordon's F-16

Darryl Tarr

Darryl Tarr is from Dubai, and a Captain with Emirates Airlines flying a Boeing 777. He has placed 1st in the Zimbabwean Nationals with his BVM F-16 powered by a BVM .91/Viojett combination.

F-16 With Mt. Fujiyama

Tom Robertson built it and flew it for 2 seasons. Tanks and missiles are BVM accessories. Mr. Takashi Komuro now owns it and took this super photo with Mt. Fujiyama in the background.

F-16 Front ViewF-16 Flying Side View

On the ground at El Toro Marine Corp Air Station or in flight, the Aggressor Fulcrum scheme Falcon is all business. Every novice wants one but the BVM F-16 with Viojett/BVM .91 power is for the more advanced flyer. Engine experience and crosswind landing technique are a must.

F-16 On Ground Side View This F-16 sports the latest Aggressor scheme in light blue, dark blue and tan. The model won 3 awards at the "Best in the West" for builder, John Redman and owner, Joe Costello.