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Doug Cronkhite from San Diego, California is very pleased with his BVM F-100 GFG.
This F-100 is powered by a KingTech K-160 and a JR 28X for the radio.




Sal DiFloria with his BVM F-100 GFG. Michael Sarysz helped Sal with the maiden flight.


From: Erik Rudjord
Sent: Sunday, October 17, 2021 9:08 AM
Subject: F-100 pnp

Patty and Rob,

I recently maidened my new F-100. It is Swiwin 140 powered, which is perfect for the airframe, and IX20, powersafe, and cortex pro for radio setup. It flies like a sport jet, and the quality and finish is superb.

Thanks for continuing to make and support these top tier products.

Erik Rudjord




Dave Evans from Las Vegas and his Go Fly F100. Dave added some under wing tanks and a some rocket pods. He is powering his F100 with a Jetcat turbine and is guiding it with a Jeti radio system and a Cortex gyro.





Khalid Naji from Qatar out enjoying his Go Fly F100. Power is from a Jetcentral turbine and is guided by a Futaba 18. Khalid decided to add the mid wing tanks to his F100. He will paint the tanks to the appropriate color. These are the original BVM tanks. Khalid does have a Cortex pro on board, but it isn't active yet, he says that will come later.


David Soufer after his maiden on his new Go Fly F100. Aircraft is powered with a Jetsmunt 166 turned down and guided by Jeti and a Cortex Pro.






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