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Scott Yow and his beautiful Ultra Bandit Evo, the Evo is powered with a K210 and guided with a Powerbox Mercury and a Futaba radio.



Terry Nitsch from Columbus, Ohio with his Ultra Bandit EVO. This EVO is powered by a KingTech K210.


Addison Clark from Kalispell, Montana is having a great time with his Ultra Bandit EVO.
It is powered by a KingTech 210 and guided by JR DMSS.



Hey Patty and BVM Crew,

We went out flying today and I was able to log 3 successful flights on my Ultra Bandit Evo .... I am very pleased with the quality work that goes into these models and how well they fly. Again thank you for the outstanding work to bring us these top of the line models... keep up the good work!!

Thanks, Josh Clark






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