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Hello Heather and Rob,
I have now 7 flights on this Ultra Bandit Evo. It is equipped with a Kingtech 210, Jeti system, and a Cortex pro. The plane is now perfectly set up and is on rails. The UB EVO is super light and as a result is incredibly nimble in the air. With the 210, throttle management is necessary to stay below VNE. Landings are super easy, full idle on final and lands like a trainer. Thanks again for your continuous support and offering such a wonderful jet.

Arnaud Weber




Patty, Rob & Heather,

I was able to maiden my brand new Ultra Bandit EVO and logged several more flights this past weekend. I am amazed at the precision flight characteristics and I am happy to own the best sport jet on the market. It is powered by a BadBoyzRC Swiwin 190 and guided by Futaba 18SZ and a Smooth Flight AR16. Thank you to everyone involved in the order, build and shipping process. This is a standout scheme that is already turning heads at the local club. I canít wait to get it out to flying events.


Chris Kaiser




From: Erik Rudjord
Sent: Friday, April 14, 2023 9:08 PM
To: Patty <>
Subject: Ultra Bandit Evo


Today was maiden day for my new to me Ultra Bandit Evo. It is Swiwin 190 powered, and guided by an IX20SE. It was originally Steve DiMaioís airplane.

Everything performed flawlessly, and it is an absolute pleasure to fly. I was able to get 3 awesome flights on it today, and am looking forward to many more!

Thanks for continuing to make and support these awesome products.

Erik Rudjord



Flight Demo at the Vinton County Airport and Air Show. Folks loved it and the paint scheme!

I have got to say that the Ultra Bandit is the most precise flying jet I have ever had.

Terry Nitsch


Terry and Sheila Nitsch from Columbus, Ohio with their Ultra Bandit EVO at the Cleveland National Airshow.


Scott Yow and his beautiful Ultra Bandit Evo, the Evo is powered with a K210 and guided with a Powerbox Mercury and a Futaba radio.


Terry Nitsch from Columbus, Ohio with his Ultra Bandit EVO. This EVO is powered by a KingTech K210.


Addison Clark from Kalispell, Montana is having a great time with his Ultra Bandit EVO.
It is powered by a KingTech 210 and guided by JR DMSS.



Hey Patty and BVM Crew,

We went out flying today and I was able to log 3 successful flights on my Ultra Bandit Evo .... I am very pleased with the quality work that goes into these models and how well they fly. Again thank you for the outstanding work to bring us these top of the line models... keep up the good work!!

Thanks, Josh Clark






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