Hi-Viz Color Schemes
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This "Fly Navy" scheme is available now for both the BobCat and KingCat.

It has all of the Hi-Viz qualities to make it easy to see against any sky, and an attractive military theme.



HiViz Scheme


Light Bright Orange


Navy Trainer

Fly Navy

You can choose from 5 different, painted-in-the-mold color schemes. The large lettering is part of the factory painted process. Add the supplied stick-on vinyls and have the best looking ARF jet in the industry.
A paint-it-yourself, plain white version is also available.

A BobCat ARF includes:

  • ARF all composite airframe with flex hinged control surfaces.
  • All hardware and control linkages.
  • Radio component installation mountings for servos, receiver, batteries, etc.
  • The BobCat undercarriage includes (3) retract units, struts, wheels/brakes, air selector valve, T-fittings, air tubing, air storage tanks, air micro switch brake valve and hardware for mounting.
  • BobCat fuel tank system includes: 2 Kevlar tanks and hardware (assembly with Aeropoxy required), (1) Sullivan BT 16oz tank with BVM Aluminum Cap system, (1) U.A.T., T-fittings, overflow fitting and fuel tubing. Capacity = 2.5 Liters.

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