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Jacobo Sevilla added to Bandit Hotshots


Brad Hughes added to
F-16 Hotshots


Angel Chazaro added to
F-16 Hotshots


Quentin Hinds added to
F-16 Hotshots


Falcons in Formation


Kelly Rohrbach added to
F-16 Hotshots


Brad Hughes added to
F-16 Hotshots


Greg Arnette added to
F-16 Hotshots


F-16 Test Fly Day


Angel Chazaro added to Bandit Hotshots


John Redman added to Rafale Hotshots


Franco DiMauro added to Ultra Bandit Hotshots


Matt Carroll added to Bandit Hotshots


Jake Bruckler added to
T-33 Hotshots


Dave Fusinato added to
F-16 Hotshots


Nasser Al-Rabban and Khalid Naji added to F-100 Hotshots


Frankie Mirandes added to YAK-130 Hotshots


Steve Homenda added to Electra Hotshots


Jack Karst added to F-16 Hotshots


Mike Murphy added to Cougar Hotshots


Marshal Emmendorfer added to F-80 Hotshots


In Stock Kits

at Skymaster for

expedited delivery

click here

Updated 01/07/2016

Save-a-Lot Sale

Big Savings on some IN STOCK BVM Jets & Go Fly Packages
Ultra Bandit's and PNP's Included!

The more you spend, the more you save!

Spend $2,595.00 Receive 7% OFF Discount Save $175.00
Spend $4,500.00 Receive 9% OFF Discount Save $400.00
Spend $7,750.00 Receive 12% OFF Discount Save $900.00
Spend $12,000.00 Receive 15% OFF Discount Save $1,800.00

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Hot Topics
More Replacement Parts added to
F-16 PNP
Updated TurnKey Page 
Tubing Adaptor  
Added Scale Pilot to Bargain

BobCat Jet-Foam Cradle Inserts 
Added Videos of F-86 84" 
F.A.A. sUAS Certificate of Registration
Fuel System Flush Mount Fittings
Added more Cougar schemes to the Save-a-Lot Sale 
Hi-Flow Fuel System Diagram 
Fuel System Guidelines  
Turnkey BVM/Xtreme A-10 Available
Added items to Bargain Corner 
Colonel Day Coverage 
Updated EVF 16S Page   
Jet Rally in the Valley Event
Updated YAK-130 Page 
Updated EVF Manual
Turnkey F-86 Available
Ultra Bandit 100% Made In The USA
Engine-Out - Save The Model Recovery Procedures  
F9-F PNP Cougar Pilot 
Magnum-ION and LiPo Receiver Power Batteries 
BVM 3mm Ball End Hex Wrench On Sale 
Electric Retracts Flight Operation Procedures 
BobCat Composite Updated 
VIDEO - BVM Clevis Pliers 
Wing Tip "Skidz" for the BVM PNP Cougar and similar models 
Cougar PNP Main Gear CF Mounts 
F-16 and F-9 PNP Wheels 
F-16 PNP New Controller
Electra ARF Inlets and Fan Mount Addendum  
The Ultimate Electric Jet Experience 
Cougar News 
T.P. "Magna Series" Balance Boards 
F-16 PNP CF "Arch Brace" Option 
Foam Field Stand 
"Dry Lube" Also Guards Against Rust 
Things Still Come Loose    
Ultra Bandit DX18 Setup File 
Ultra Bandit Servo Lists 
Xicoy Control System Manual   
BVM F-16 PNP Replacement Parts  
Bandit Flap Settings
Flush Mount Vent and Overflow

Air Speed Limits     
Skymaster/X-treme Order/Deposit Policy    


Things Still Come Loose

New Items

Tubing Adaptor

Velcro and Hook n' Loop

EVF ~3~ 12SE
Special Edition
with a YGE E.S.C.

click here for more information

Jet-Foam Cradles

For ease of assembling and transporting your jets

click here for more information

Flush Mount Vent and Overflow Fittings

Convenient to use on any turbine powered jet.

Xicoy / BVM E-Gear Retro Fit Package

Bavarian Demon Cortex


Hi-Flow Fuel System


Updated 01/27/2016

eBandit and Bandit MKII Manuals

Updated 27 January 2016

Call if you have a recent kit and want an updated manual.
Ask for accessories of the week promo.


1:4.85 Scale

Scheme #K7900-05

In Stock and Ready for Shipment!

Available Now!

1:4.85 Scale

Greg Arnette

Winning Awards!

Super Jets South - Best Military
Jets Over Kentucky - Special Recognition
12 O'Clock High - Special Recognition
Tiger Meet Jet Rally - Best Military Performance

New News:  The Tiger Meet in Scranton, South Carolina was well attended. The YAK's sturdy landing gear performed well on the grassfield.

click here for more information


BVM PNP F-16 Color Scheme

Minute Men

Click here for pricing information

EVF ~3~ 12SE
Special Edition
with a YGE E.S.C.

click here for more information

BobCat Composite


Now Available



Navy Camo Aggressor




Click here for pricing information

Product Of The Month

 General Purpose

BVM Jet-Foam Cradle

BVM # PA-SR-0080

Fits fuselages up to 10" wide

MiG F-86 eBandit

click here for more information  



Now Available

F-86F Sabre Jet

84" WingSpan ARF

100% Made In The USA by BVM

Click here for more details

Speed Sense & Common Sense

by Bob Violett

BVM Jets & Pilots

Win Top Awards at NAT's Scale Competition!

BVM's New HiViz BobCat.

Available Now!

EVF ~3~ 16S 9er

Super High Performance Electric Jet Propulsion!

24+ Lbs of thrust - extended flight time

Available Now

Instructions detail installation and operation in a BVM E Bandit.

Service and Support

That's what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

So, if you purchased it from BVM, expect the best!

9 Blade Rotor for EVF's

5% More Thrust - 50% Less Sound

click here for more information


Clevis Pliers

patent pending

Click here for more information

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