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Sean McHale does it again!

Another glowing article about
BVM's F-16 PNP.

This time it is a 4 page feature article in the November 2014 issue of Model Airplane News.


  Sean's enthusiasm for this recent BVM offering must be contagious. His articles have served to reinforce numerous jet buyers' confidence in the product and the company that sells and supports it. Sean offers a few techniques that serve to enhance the 47 page assembly and operations manual that BVM supplies.

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Wing Ding Repair

New Items

Hi-Flow Aluminum Tank Cap System

Bavarian Demon Cortex


Hi-Flow Fuel System

Jet Foam

Clear Canopy and Cockpit
For All Bandits

BVM / Xtreme
A-10 1:7.75 EVF

Main Wheels, Tires, and Brakes Upgrade

click here for more details

Rapid Tac

1/6th Jet Pilot

BVM Pump Mount 2/PK



Notice about Smooth Stop Leaks

We have recently discovered a problem with a series of Smooth Stop II units.  They leak air when operating in the mid range.  If you are using a Mini Air Gauge in-line with the brake system, it is easy to detect the problem.

Please return the defective unit to BVM for a rebuild/replacement.  Allow 7 - 10 days for this no charge service.




BVM's F-16 PNP


An in depth, six page article by Sean McHale fully describes BVM's entry into the PNP Jet Market.

If you have an interest in an F-16, Sean's article will certainly reinforce your decision to buy the BVM Falcon.


  The Assembly and Operations Manual for BVM's Flag Ship "Ultra Bandit" has been completely updated.  It reflects all Hi Voltage radio components, application of the E-Brake, the Hi-Flow Fuel System, and various new engine installations.  The Ultra Bandit just got lighter, easier to assemble, and more efficient.

  If you purchased your Ultra Bandit after 1 January 2014 and it is not finished and flying, BVM will send you a Version 2.2 at no charge.

Just give us a call to confirm.

New Product Announcement

BVM Cougar 1:5.8 Scale

click here for more information

Hi-Flow Testimonial  08/01/2014

David Soufer called to tell us how much he likes his Ultra Bandit "Hi-Flow Conversion".

see BVM Hi-Flow Fuel System

 David is using a JetCat P300 engine (turned down and with the speed limiter set to 200 mph) and reports measurable lower voltage demand on the fuel pump.  David logged 4 flights on the system on his first outing and confirms that what BVM says about the "Hi-Flow Conversion" is absolutely true. He says that even the fueling and defueling process proceeds very quickly without any strain on the system.  David enjoys a new confidence in this totally bubble free BVM "Hi-Flow" system.

3" Tires Available

These BVM Jets Wheels were out of stock for awhile but are now available and are even a bit better.
They are tough to wear out.

When ordering these or any BVM replacement tires, be sure you have BVM's Tire Change Tools that come with instructions.

See Tire Change Tools

3" Diameter Tires  BVM # LG1453  Price $ 12.50 / each


Fuel System

by BVM

Now complete with adaptors for Sullivan & DuBro plastic tanks.




click here for more information


Available Now

HiViz Aggressor
Service and Support

That's what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

So, if you purchased it from BVM, expect the best!

9 Blade Rotor for EVF's

5% More Thrust - 50% Less Sound

click here for more information


Clevis Pliers

patent pending

Click here for more information

BVM F-16

1:6 Scale

click here for more information

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