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The Value of BVM High Performance Electric Jets

    Turbine friendly model flying sites are sometimes not accessible with less than a 2 hour drive.  Jet flying enthusiasts who like to maintain their jet pilot proficiency, and not spend several hours on the road, are finding the BVM high performance EVF powered jets a real convenience.  All BVM EVF jets are fast and grass field capable.  By "Fast" we mean 160-190+ mph.
    The convenience is obvious when you can easily load your model into a SUV or minivan, take along 2-3 sets of batteries and your transmitter, and you are set for 2-3 back-to-back flights.  You can log 2-3 flights in an hour and get back to work, family, or whatever.  If you want to fly all day, add a field charger.
    More and more hardcore turbine enthusiasts are discovering and appreciating the added value of BVM EVF jets.
    For the "Newbie" - moving up from a foamy jet, the BVM EVF jets represent entry into the "High Performance" arena.
    Certainly, any pilot that can handle a BVM EVF jet can easily qualify for an AMA Turbine Waiver if that is their goal.

Click on "FAQ Electric" to learn more.

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BVM C/F "C" Channel

New Items

Bavarian Demon Cortex


Hi-Flow Fuel System

Jet Foam

1/6th Jet Pilot

BVM Pump Mount 2/PK



New Product Announcement

BVM Cougar 1:5.8 Scale

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Service and Support

That's what you expect and get from the BVM staff who actually builds and flies the jet products we sell.

So, if you purchased it from BVM, expect the best!

9 Blade Rotor for EVF's

5% More Thrust - 50% Less Sound

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Clevis Pliers

patent pending

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BVM F-16

1:6 Scale

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