Cold Weather and Epoxy Glues
by: Bob Violett


  Even in Central Florida we have some cool Winter days, especially in the early morning hours. The published set and cure times for Aerospace Grade Epoxies like Aeropoxy and Vpoxy are based on 77F.

  For a hand mixed batch (no nozzle), work on scraps of card stock and apply some external warmth with a modeling heat gun. This accelerates the exothermic chemical reaction.

  If the epoxy is applied with a mix nozzle, warm the glue joint with the heat gun set on "low" power to get things going. Multiple flashes with the heat gun (on low) while the glue is progressing will reduce the total set and cure time.  Just be careful to not damage the composite structure and paint with too much heat.  We prefer to not mix epoxies in wax coated paper cups, especially if external heat is going to be applied.




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