Phoenix is home to two great jet capable flying fields. The Arizona Model Aviators in Mesa and the Sun Valley Flyers in Scottsdale.

The Arizona Jet Rally, November 22cd thru the 24th 2019, had 45 registered pilots. The event was limited to turbines and large EDF jets. Contest Director, John Mangino, did an awesome job organizing the event. The Arizona Model Aviators field is 850 ft long and 150 ft wide accommodating even the biggest jets. As usual, BVM jets were well represented!

Winter Warbirds, January 24th thru the 26th, accommodated 85 pilots. The Sun Valley field is 650 ft long with plenty of smooth overrun on both ends; perfect for jets. There was a large and varied assortment of nice scale aircraft ranging from WW1 to current day jet fighters. Contest Director, Tony Quist, kept a full flight line running smoothly with at least 4 planes in the air all weekend.

If your looking for great winter flying and weather to match check out these events. You wonít be disappointed!

George Kreyling


Photos and Text provided by: George Kreyling

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Cole Thornton is a very talented pilot and shows the new Evo Ultra Bandit well. 


Bill Rietzel with his BobCat. Moves right along on a JetCat P120. 

Greg Moore from Colorado with his BobCat
George Kreyling and Dave Evans
George Kreyling and Dave Evans
Dave Evans with his BVM F-16 1:6
Dan Avilla with his Cougar

Don Corumís F18 powered by twin 160ís. Awesome performance and well flown by Don. 

Dan Bott from Phoenix enjoyed his K120 powered Cougar. Heís assisted by Arthur Gambino. 

Terry Farmer from Texas with his Cougar. K210 for power assisted by Cole Thornton. 

Rick Paquin
Jason Sandstedt F-18 7.75
Barry Hinrichs F-18 5.5
Rick Paquin with his Cougar
George Kreyling with his MiG-15.
Rick Paquin with his F-100
Barry Hinrichs and Don Corum both F-18 5.5



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