2019 Review
by Bob Violett

 Perfect Weather - Excellent Flying

Florida Jets 2019 Awards

Award Aircraft Winner
Best Scale Jet Runner Up BVM F-16 PNP Rob Lynch
Best Multi Jet Performance BVM F-18 PNP Greg Alderman
Most Outstanding Jet Flight BVM F-16 PNP Rob Lynch
Special Recognition BVM F-16 PNP Greg Arnette
Special Recognition BVM Ultra Bandit Josh Clark
Super Suave Award BVM F-18 PNP Cole Thornton

Photo Gallery
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F-18C Twin Engine 1/6th Scale F-16
1/6th Scale F-16 KingCat
Boli Muentes flew all of these BVM Jets at Florida Jets 2019.
Bill Freeland 1/6th Scale F-16
Jack Karst 1/5th L-39
Greg Arnette logged many flights on this 1/5 F-16 and was awarded "Special Recognition".
Rob Lynch flew the new Ultra Bandit EVO and offered guest pilots a ride on this light weight and agile sport jet.
Greg and Jenni Alderman campaigned this F-18C twin engine model. Of course, Rob provided assistance for the maiden flight.
Greg Alderman from Indiana flew this Thunderbird scheme 1/5th F-16.
Roberto Zelaya enjoyed his 1/5 F-16 in this brilliant Texas ANG scheme.
Franco DiMauro, Glori, and daughter take a moment to show-off their BVM Ultra Bandit EVO.
Cole Thornton got introduced to the Ultra Bandit EVO PNP and flew his F-18 (single engine) in this unique color scheme.
Rod Snyder has a few years of experience with this EBandit on EVF 12S power. The winglets are a Tommy Woods addition.
Ramon Dezobiria from South Florida showed his 1/5 F-16 in the "Texas Retro" scheme.
Southern California BVM Rep. Doug Cronkite is a great model builder and he really makes this Blue Angel Cougar look strong.
 The Blue Angel scheme looks good on all of these BVM jets. 14 year old Josh Clark was awarded "Special Recognition" for his Ultra Bandit EVO.

The shade of blue varied from year to year on the "Blues" aircraft. The yellow remained the same F.S. number.

BVM Trade Booth with lots of accessory items. A Customer Appreciation meal was also served.
Addision Clark from Montana got multiple flights on his new Ultra Bandit EVO in this Navy scheme.
Dustin Buescher took a test drive with the Ultra Bandit EVO. Rob keeping watch for air traffic.
BVM's Business Manager Patty Generali awaits clearance for BV's EBandit to take the runway.
Heather, Jeanette, and Patty were on hand to direct questions, and add a feminine touch to the BVM effort at Florida Jets 2019.






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