BVM USA “Collar Tool”™
2mm Air Line Fittings
For use on all BVM PNP Jets


BVM Part # PA-SR-0095



The 2mm air line system works well in these jets. Applying the tubing to the small metal barbed fittings can be tedious and some breakage of the fittings has occurred.

This BVM USA “Collar Tool” makes the operation easier and avoids damaging or breaking the metal fittings.

Follow these Instructions
For Success


• Cut the end of the 2mm tubing square with a sharp Razor Blade.

• Slide the Collar on to the tubing and out of the way.


• Slide the tubing on to the barb, just over the lip, and stop a little short of the end of the small diameter.

It is very important that the tubing not go up and on to the larger diameter, as it will make placing the Collar on the tubing nearly impossible. You could break the fitting by trying to force it on.

• Apply the notch at end of the tool and gently press the Collar fully onto the fitting.

NOTE: This “Collar Tool” will work on the air manifold block, 3 and 4 way junction blocks inside the model, and also the fittings on the air cylinders. Sometimes it will be necessary to remove at least one end of the air cylinder to allow access to the metal fitting.

NOTE: The 1/8” hole in the other end of the tool can be used to mount it into your model with a small screw, hang it on your work bench, etc.




BVM USA "Collar Tool"

Part # PA-SR-0095

Price $5.95




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