Touch-Up Paint for your PNP Jet


At some time during the service life of your factory painted model, the need for touch-up paint and techniques will be required.

 The solutions to acquiring and using the products follows.

 Abiding by various government regulations and Hazmat handling costs and procedures does complicate things a bit but must be accepted.

 New technology however, has provided some workable solutions. Because the BVM PNP scale models are available in many different color schemes, one must have access to a paint mixer and supplier that can duplicate colors.


 Technology now allows a paint supplier to electronically scan a sample part of your model and custom mix useable quantities of an exact color match. They can package the paint in spray cans for quick and easy application.

 Many NAPA and Sherwin Williams Automotive stores have this capability as well as most local auto paint stores.

Custom Colors in 16oz Spray Cans

Sherwin Williams (

NAPA (  )

NOTE: These prices may not include the color matching process (scanning).

The following applies to both sources;

Each Single Stage Acrylic Enamel spray can comes to the local store pre-loaded with the activator, reducer, and propellant.  The store then adds 4oz of the required custom mixed color.

Some stores have paint matching capabilities, call the local branch.  If no scanning capabilities, the modeler can search through the color chip books at the store for a close match.   Some stores will custom eye-match the color if it is off a little, before it is injected into the spray can.

They can both match competitorsí color formulas. 

The local manager will normally be able to borrow a color matching gun from a central branch, or offer to send your sample to a central branch for scanning and formulating.

For best color match, the modeler may need to leave the sample and get the color custom formulated.  This may cost extra depending on complexity and the local manager.

Certain locations may offer the ability to make Gloss, Satin, and Flat finishes.

Call a store near you to inquire about this service. They may refer you to another outlet if they can't meet your needs. The prices on the paint, and service will vary, but are usually reasonable for your model project.

One very active BVM Rep. has used this service extensively with great results.

 Model Masters paints are available at model and art supply stores. There are many colors to choose from. You could even do a little eye-match mixing to get a homemade batch. Use their recommended thinner and an air brush. The One Choice color blender (see below) is also compatible with this paint.

For very fine applications

 Sometimes you many want to apply a very small amount of paint. If so, we use a Paasche Single Action Airbrush, siphon feed external mix unit. This item is available from hobby shops and art supply stores.

 Simply dispense a small amount of the spray can paint into a paper cup and then into the small steel cup that comes with the airbrush. Always start the spray action on a paper card, then move onto the actual part.

Color and Texture Blending

 All of the BVM Tip's and How To's are provided to help you master some modeling techniques. Procedures dealing with filling, priming, sanding, masking, airbrushing, polishing, ect. are described in these "Fixing and Finishing" articles.

As all of the BVM "Tips and How To's" finishing articles advise, always practice the repair and paint work on a sample panel before applying to your model.

And, know that paint will fill and cover #600 wet or dry sanding scratches.



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