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Manufactured at the BVM factory located in Winter Springs, Florida.

PRICE $7,995.00

What is Go Fly Gold? 

All New Molds
One Piece Fuselage
Light! 33 Lbs Dry


Exact outline as the original Ultra Bandit but features; new hinged flaps, trailing link struts, and easy access hatch/canopy.

Vne 200mph
Limit Thrust to 160-200 Neutons

Length 98" 
Wingspan 85"
Weight: 33 # Dry
Power: 160-200 Neutons
Fuel Capacity 4.8 Liters





Special Features

  • New trailing link struts
  • High Voltage Digital Servos Installed
  • Central Control Unit for gear sequencing and brakes
  • Kevlar Fuel Tanks and Hi-Flow Fuel System installed
  • Electronic Gear and Brake Valves
  • Minimal Assembly Time
    Turbine, Receiver, UAT Installation. Radio Set-up, SD Card available for Spektrum users
  • Easy access to all components
  • Grass field capable.
Trailing link struts, nose and main gear, allow for less than perfect landings with no damage to the model.
Pneumatic valves operate the landing gear, doors, and brakes. The electronic Central Control Unit (CCU) features fail safe low air pressure and a receiver voltage display.

NOTE: All servos are high voltage classification.

Electronic Gear and Brake Valves with manual option.
Control linkages for all surfaces are installed and adjusted such that they will be very close to perfect for most radios.

Kevlar main fuel tanks with Hi-Flow fittings and "Header" tank come installed.
"Flush Mount" overflow system installed. Fuel filter and "fuel-in" connection installed.



Items Needed To Complete:
Available from BVM


● Engine of your choice.

● BVM Hi-Flow U.A.T. (BVM# TA-SR-1001)

● 12 Channel Receiver

● (2) 7.4v Batteries 3000 mAh Magnum Ion (# VU-7304EXB-EC3)
      or   Pulse 3600mAh 2S 7.4V 15C (# V-PLURX15-36002)

Wheel/Axle Grease
Wheel Axle Grease
(BVM# 5784)

Super O-Lube
Super O'Lube
(BVM# 5779)

Heat Shield
Heat Shield
(BVM# PA-MA-1940)

Recommended Accessories:


● Savox Upgrade Package (# K7100-70)  $320.00

● (2) Pulse Ultra Batteries 7.4V 3600mAh for Receiver

● Spektrum 12310T Power Safe Receiver (# VJ-SPMAR12310T)

● BVM Over Flow Tank (BVM # 6047)



Demon Aero Cortex Gyro Pro
(# V-DA-BD-CortexPro)

(BVM# 9566)

QT Poxy
(BVM# PA-SR-0042)

(BVM# PT20)

Pacer Z-42
(BVM# PT42)

Thin Lube For O'Rings
(BVM# 1945)

Dry Lube
(BVM# 1947)


Price is $7,995.00

Call 407-327-6333 to place your order or email to Patty@bvmjets.com


What is Go Fly Gold? 








All classic schemes available

Other schemes available upon customer request.







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